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About Simple Truck ELD

Simple Truck ELD was developed by the team that brought you for the filing of your 2290. Our goal is to create and deliver a safer work environment for drivers. We make it easier and faster to more accurately track, manage, and share records of duty status (RODS) data. With over a decade of success building such platforms, we can now offer you the most affordable and easy to use ELD service.

Our solution has been tested by several fleet companies and independent truck drivers throughout the nation, and has been proven to remain simple, quick, and accurate for all users on both iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. Simple Truck ELD takes pride in our service and dedication to providing the highest quality affordable ELD service on the market, for both individual drivers and fleets.

Brought to you by the Simple Truck Tax team

  • With more than 500,000 Independent Owner Operators using our online 2290 HVUT Tax form at Simple Truck Tax for the IRS, we know something about simple!
  • Install our app on your smartphone or tablet
  • Connect the provided ELD device
  • Make sure your Simple Truck ELD app is running
  • Start your rig and go!
  • Simple Truck ELD does the rest and allows you to comply with FMCSA- it’s that simple.

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